+7 (917) 406-38-35

Dear client,

Our company is based on an allotment in the very center of repuclic of Bashkortostan, especially rich in such types of wood as oak, spruce, linden, birch. We produce logs and timber wood according to your specific demands (various forms and levels of humidity) and deliver it on different terms and via various transport means. Our producing capability is approximately 100 m3 per day (for logs).

We collaborate with a customs broker who will consult you concerning all questions linked to the wood export.

Our export manager will be glad to answer your questions.

To contact us, please

- send an e-mail to opt@les02.ru


- mobile      +7 917  406 38 35 / WhatsApp / WeChat / Viber / Telegram 



and please indicate the type of wood you need, and the details of  the order.

You will get the answer as soon as possible.

Sinserely yours,





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